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ulnar nerve transposition complications


my arm was injured 2yrs ago. had occupational therapy, steroid injections, drug therapy w/no relief. learned from neurosurgeon, ulnar nerve was crushed, requiring surgery asap. had surgery 8 wks ago, injury, pain, symptoms are worse than ever. reported to orthopedic surgeon my complaints, & after examining my arm, he believes he may have accidentally nicked a neuron-? i began physical therapy 2 days ago, & phys. therapist also believes additional damage was caused to my arm during surgery. i have excruciating pain in hand, shoulder, neck, arm, and especially elbow. therapist tried electrically shocking my arm, but felt nothing until she increased degree at which time, my hand clawed up without me even feeling it. cannot distinguish between hot or cold sensations to my arm, or needle pricking. suregeon put me on neurontin, which helps mask some of the pain, but incision site is extremely swollen, tender, painful and has a black color to it. this area cannot be touched. i also have develped muscle atrophy. also, at times, my hand trembles as if i have palsy. i automatically am guarding arm against body. is there anything you can suggest i might do. am concerned that i will lose the use of arm. originally told i would within 8-10yrs, but based on current symptoms am very concerned as i am unable to use arm now. thank you


  1. I had serious pain in my right shoulder that would bring me to my knees in pain. Original thoughts were “rotor cuff” injury. After visiting Dr. they informed me that the above was not the case. Had EEG’s and was informed that an “Ulnar Nerve Transposition” would reduce pain in shoulder. Told by Drs. that this surgery would be 1st before joint replacement etc. The operation went great and no pain for 1st month. Since then have had terrible pain and returned to Dr. multiple times with complaints. Then had an MRI on shoulder. They decided then that arthroscopic surgery (instead of joint replacement) was necessary because of my age (56) would require another replacement or 2 before my demise. So I opted for the 2nd surgery, which removed build up etc., or whatever in shoulder joint.Now I still have the original pain (in shoulder joint) plus the still ever present pain in lower arm, wrist, hand and fingers that drive me insane. Dr. still says 1st surgery pain will disappear in about a year from original date when the nerve finishes regenerating.Also now elbow joint locks up after sleeping and is pure pain when stretching after lack of movement or sleep, which I get very little. Probably have arthritis in the elbow joint now or something went wrong when they done the 1st operation. Drs. will never admit to any failures, just more surgery. PS – also do not expect to get any good pain relievers after post surgery other than “over the counter” stuff. Have tried all and nothing helps except soaking in hot water baths and using a lot of ice packs. Did seem like the Naproxen they was giving me prior to surgery did lessen pain but they will not put me on that now saying Aleve does the same thing. Now Dr. wants me to go to Pain Therapy doctor. Yeah right. Probably will tell me to do the same as I am doing now. Physical Therapy at home, plus 2 visits to Therapist at $142.00 a pop weekly.If I had it to do all over I would have never had the nerve transposition because the numbness in hand and tingling feelings didn’t bother me as much as the pain I am suffering through now does. As for the “shoulder operation” I am sure that it was necessary but am still waiting on positive results to appear. That surgery was 2 1/2 months ago and have been going to Therapy twice weekly plus all the home exercise. Dr. also said a second opinion would be O.K. with him. Should have had a 3rd opinion before I did anything in the 1st place and also demanded MRI prior to any surgeries.Another note. Originally had problems with other shoulder which the same Clinic (another Dr. 5 yrs. earlier) had said there was a Rotor Cuff tear. Fortunately didn’t have any operation and arm is almost good as new except minor arthritis pain.Hope things work out with you. Good Luck – you will need it. Keep me posted.

  2. i had an a transpostion in november and have not been able to control the pain since.i been on neurontin with no sucess we are now try tegretol.elavil and fentanyl patches all with no sucess so i hope that you can find some relief since i cant.