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Walking on Side of Feet


I tend to walk on the outside edges of my feet.
I have to make a consious effort to flatten them.
Also have a very painful type of hard mineral deposit beneath the skin on one foot on the outside edge near the smallest toe similar to a plantar wart.
My question is what type of insole insert would be more beneficial for extensive walking (week at Disney).
Also any suggestions for “sharp rock” lancing the side of my foot ?
Thank You

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  1. I do not recommend any lancing. I recommend you see a podiatrist. As far as a pre-fab arch support- there are many companies that make these. They do not fit anyone perfectly, like a custom support would, but generally you get what you pay for. Don’t assume a cheap foam insole will work well or hold up for long. Since I have not seen your foot I can suggest you go to a well stocked athletic shoe store where they carry a number of different arch supports and try them on if possible. You might also want to look at shoes too. To me, a good walking shoe beats many athletic shoes most of the timeHave fun on vacation.