13 year old daughter

I tried posting yesterday but don’t know if it went through. Anyhow, my 13 year old daughter injured her knee in an accident in gym – a boy fell on top of her while running for a ball. She initially had pain in knee and was limping a bit. A week later it looked like her knee moved inward and out of place. Pain didn’t stop so I took her to an orthopedic – xrays were normal and he told me that her knee always looked like this and I just didn’t notice it! That upset me a lot as her knee “never looked like this”. I took her for a second opinion and asked them to do an mri – which was done but they said contrast was not necessaary and wouldn’t prescribe it – mri was normal also. They are sending her for physical therapy. She is still in pain. Using a cane (the poor thing) for support. Her health insurance doesn’t cover too many counties where we live. Can anyone tell me what they think about the knee looking so abnormal and why the negative results. She cries when having to walk stairs into church, etc. please help! Thank you so much.

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