5th metatarsal fracture

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July 22 I broke the 5th metatarsal bone.
I walked on it for two weeks before I went to a Dr.
It is not a Jones fracture, the displaced fracture is about midbone.
I was put in a walking cast and told I could take it off at night.
I wasn’t told NOT to walk on it so I have walked on the cast since the beginning ( have used a crutch).
I have had it on for 6 weeks.
My x-rays this morning showed minimal healing.
I am to wear the cast for another 4 weeks and then come back for more x-rays.
I asked if I could still walk on the cast and was told I could.
I am a 63 year old female and am wondering what my chances are that this break will heal on it’s own.
I might add, the bones did seem to be more in alignment than they were when they were first x-rayed.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can not comment on your specific fracture, but in general, if this is immobilized and bone callus is noted, then healing should occur. If you are developing a delayed union, then a bone stimulator might be indicated. Some insurance companies will not pay for this however, and they are expensive. You need to be patient and see what the next X rays show. Good luck,Vivian A DPM


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    Hello Doctor, I have fractured my right leg’s 5th metatarsal bone exactly 6 weeks back. Doctor in India has put me a crepe Cast bandage and adviced me for restricted walking only. But, I did not fully heeded to his advice and kept walking like normally with the cast boot.Now, I do not have much pain, still some sensation is there around the fractured area.Pls. advice me, how fast can it heal or do you advice me to proceed about it.( Should I get the CAST removed or go for fresh X-ray???)Thanks,Vishwa


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