A rotar cuff tear

Can a MRI film determine how old a rotar cuff tear is? I ripped mine one month ago, and Doctor says it is years old. Is this possible? I never felt pain or discomfort until accident a month ago.Should I get a second opinion?Respectfully,Ralph LaPlante

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    Hello, I fell in October. I have been havin excrusting pain 24/7 since.. I have had an MRI..BUT it showed NO torn rotatry cuff.. But MY Dr. Still believes it is torn.. Could the MRI have not picked this up by chance? When I fell I landed on my left side.. But my right arm flew up in a very akward postion at the time.. There has been no relief of the pain except with pain killer’s and they only help approximately 2 hrs if that.. I will literally wake-up during what little sleep I do get crying from the pain and almost to the point of beig unable to move from my shoulder to my finger tips and oddest thing about this is..My shoulder stays very hot.. But the worse pain is begins right below my shoulder to mibend of arm where it stays swollen & icy cold.. Then will continue down my arm to my fingertips which stay numb the pain is also in the right side of my wrist also.. I need help bad I will be havin another MRI on the 3rd of Jan… But as I stated is there a possibility that the MRI just didn’t pick it up.. Also my Dr. has never ordered one for the middle arm where the worst pain is.. Thank you for your time


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