achilles insertion pain locally and step liftoff pain

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after an injury one year ago while carrying excessive weight up a hill….the bursa/tendon insertion area has been sore.
plantar fasciitis developed also.
the area is painful to touch….more on the inside part of the heel as well as the back.
I wear a night brace which helps and also am using shoes with a higher heel which is helping as well.
after walking too much the pain is worse.
a physiotherapist has suggested ultrasound treatments but I feel that the pain will simply return upon using a lower heeled shoe or too much activity.
can you recommend a foot brace for this problem..
my feeling is that the best would be to cast the foot for a month but this would be too inconvenient.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First I would ask if you have seen a podiatrist. Next, I must point out that the ads you see belong to the site host, not me. I can not recommend anything without examining your feet.


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      hi, thanks for answering. yes I have seen a podiatrist as well as two orthopedic doctors. the first orthopedic doctor took an xray and then shot cortizone into the achilles insertion site at the back of the heel. second orthopedic doctor said I have heel spurs and to rub the bottoms of the heels with ice and use a flat orthopedic insert. which of course I did not do and had one made with some lift at the inside arch of the foot as well as some slight lift at the back of the orthotic. this seemed to help as well as some stretches however when walking lots or carrying weight the problem came back but worse and I was either pronating or sublinatig excessively. the night splint I made seems to help a lot and the stretches also however weight and distance cause problems. the best attempt so far however was to get two inch heels (clog type shoe). now, unless I walk a lot or carry weight I have no pain. of course there is still pain at the achilles insertion site when pressing. ii can stretch better also. I just came back from seeing the therapist who says that an ultrasound scan would be unnecessary and that nothing can be seen from it.. she is currently suggesting daily heating pads (thermal therapy) and ultrasound treatments. I have had two treatments done so far and don’t notice much differerence. my concern is that perhaps something further is wrong with my feet and that the ultrasound treatments may just mask the problem. I am dreading what might happen when I need to lose some shoe height after the treatments as well. she says it is tears in the tendons, possibly muscle and ligaments and that ultrasound therapy will fix it.perhaps you can make some recommmendations as to how the ultrasound treatments should be done….frequencies, areas, time length etc. daily or ?. I also wonder if I could have her treatments every two days and do hot/cold therapy myself every other day. I am in mexico where teh medical system is better than the other doctors from another country in central america. it is too difficult to see an orthopedic specialist at this time and am feeling perhaps to go with the ultrasound therapy.


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