heel hurts until I put my weight on it

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When I first stand my heel and sometimes my outer arch hurts so bad that I cannot put any weight on it.
I must stand while putting weight on it gradually and then the pain will go away.
My doctor (foot and ankle surgeon) just looks at me funny when I explain this to her.
Has anyone had such a thing? The pain is sometimes at the point where the achilles inserts to the heel. Please help.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without examining you, I can only throw out some guesses. Depending on exactly where you hurt, your cuboid could be dislocating. You could also have a sural nerve entrapment on the lateral side of the ankle.Have you been immobilized in a cast boot or taped or worn orthotics?


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    Thank you for your response. I have indeed been in a cast and a boot since May 2015. I’ve also had two surgeries since then. First one in May was to clean out the joint(lots of bone fragments and not much cartilage left says doctor). Next operation was in Nov. 05 to fuse my ankle joint. As you see the ankle was in bad shape. But this pain in the heel area is a different problem, I feel. I don’t know what the cuboid or the sural nerve is but I will certainly find out. I excited to have a lead. Thank you very much and if this additional info gives you more clues and ideas I would appreciate hearing them.


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