Advice on strengthening shoulder and neck

Hi Everyone

A couple of years ago I had a riding accident where I fell quite a distance and landed (upside down) on a hard surface on the top of my right shoulder. Nothing was broken but I had limited mobility for a while, although this is now fully restored. It still, sometimes, aches like hell though – in the short space between the base of the neck and the ‘bump’ of the clavicle on the top of the shoulder, and in a strip up my neck about half way between the side and the back. I’m sure strengthening exercises targeting these muscles would help.

Does anyone know any??

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    I hurt my shoulders after I ran into a lampost while drunk – I moved my ac joint out of place had massive swelling and limited movement for a few days.
    I just got into a weights routine and gradually overcame the injury – at the beginning there was some pain after a workout – sometimes even during in which case I stopped working my shoulders.
    I would use dumbells as apposed to machine weights. Work out a routine and complete this 2/3 times a week, try it in sets like this – start with a light weight first and move up say 2.5kg each time and then drop 2.5 for your last set of 12

    this is my workout
    12 reps of 12.5kg
    10 reps of 15kg
    8 reps of 17kg
    6 reps of 20kg
    12reps of 15or17.5kg

    hope this helps


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