ankle bone spur

Had ankle ligament reconstruction done 2011 at age 39. After severe sprain age 15. Unstable ankle w/pain and bone spur at front of ankle joint.
After surgery increased pain and enlarging bone spur as it was not addressed at surgery time. Undergone PT, second opinions, cortisone shots,and currently chiropractic tx with ultrasound and stim. Scheduled for arthroscopic on ankle for the bone spur and cleaning out of arthritis around joint. Next step is ankle fusion I am told. Is this a safe route I’m taking now. I sure don’t want fusion at age 43 I’m afraid of more scaring and arthritis.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I recently had a patient with a very similar situation. My recommendation instead of surgery was to put the patient in a Richie type brace. She did not want to be seen wearing this brace. She had the surgery by someone else.Everyone has their own set of needs and wants. You might want to ask your doctor about trying the brace and see if it might be an option. I can not promise you that it is for you though.


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