ankle fusion and cuttingof the fibia

had fuson of my right ankle in July ’03.
This was after a sever break and 6 surgeries to repair 11 breaks in the ankle joint.
DId alright (so-so) for 5 years.
Arthirtis began to realy eat me up. So I opted for the fuison upon recommendation from my surgeon.
Here’s the question/thing.
Little or no pain anywhere in my foot EXCEPT in the area between the fusion and the fibia. Now, lilke most fuisons I’ve read about, the surgeon did remove about 2 inches of the fibia about 3″ about the outside point of the ankle.
I’m now having shooting pains in that area.
Since the fibia serves no purpose after a fusion, why isn’t the lower piece removed during the surgery?
I can honestly say, mine has almost grown back together.
Is this pain normal, or should I go back and see about having the remaining lower part of the fibia removed?
I need help.
I’m 53 and a prison guard and on concrete all day.
Not old enuff to retire but can’t take much more of the constant pain…..

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    i’ve been avoiding that surgery for about 5 years now.I’ve been told by several specialist that this is a temp. fix and should only be done as a last resorce. The problem with this proceedure is that it causes presure on surrounding jionts and that after 5 to 10 years you will have to fuse them also.I’ve been using braces for 9 years now and am doing pretty good but slowly geting worse.Trying to go as long as possible before that process.sorry to hear about your miss fortune and wish you luck for the future.


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