Ankle Pain comes and goes

About 2 months ago I twisted my ankle, I rested and iced for a few days, everything seemed to be fine.
About 3weeks ago I started getting sporatic pain in my ankle.
It comes on without warning on the outside of my ankle.
it almost feels like something is pulling all the way up my achilles if I turn it or twist it the wrong way.
i can bear weight but it’s painful.
After a while my ankle will pop and it’s like I was never in pain at all.
Could I have a fracture and still be pain free 85% of the time?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I can’t say without an examination. But, I would recommend an MRI for you as the ankle is a very unusually shaped joint. There can be small fragments of soft tissue that could be in the joint causing this problem. An arthroscopic surgery might be indicated.


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