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I play basketball and I have had ankle problems for the last 3 years after i had a severe sprain and fracture on my right ankle. Since then i have sprained my left ankle severely once and minor sprains about 3 times along with rolling it countless times. My right ankle is much worse as i have severely sprained it 3 times. I have gone through physical therapy 3 times and recently i have not had a problem with the stability of my ankle as far as spraining or rolling it goes. But at times it gets very stiff and painful when i try jumping and cutting. Now my achiles and inside of my ankle are having a lot of pain, even when im just walking. If i want to continue playing basketball at the next level do you think surgery is the right thing to do or do more therapy. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you may have some anatomical problems. I sprained my ankle only once as a young sprinter at age 16, and it has never been right after that. You need a good sports doctor who can guide you to recovery and advise you as to what is wrong and how to avoid these injuries.


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