Baby Toe Tendon spasms

Wondering if I can get some advice. My baby toe is essentially useless due to many reconstructive surgeries as a child (result of spina bifida). It doesn’t touch the ground and is more like a stump rather than a functional toe. I have orthotics in my whoes to help when I’m walking, but essentially this toe doesn’t get used, so the podiatrist said the pain I feel are spasms.
Originally, it wasn’t anything too bad, but lately the frequency has increased, and the pain now shoots right up my calf to my knee.. its difficult to work, and almost impossible to sleep at night. Are there suggestions on what can be done so that this tendon going to my baby toe somehow gets used, or what can I do to get the spasms to stop? Any assistance is helpful.Rob

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    In order to evaluate and give recommendations, x-rays and physiccal examination wouldbe necessary. If you are interested in surgery, you should discuss this with your doctor. It is possible that a tendon legthening procedure could be done, but without an examination, it is difficult to say.


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