bilateral met head pain

I’m a 39year old athletic mother of 3.
I was a ballet dancer from ages 11-23 when I was forced to quit due to chronic left great toe sesamoiditis. This problem subsided and I took up running, which did not seem to bother me.
I had been a runner until last December. After the birth of my third child due to low back spasms and what I believe to be early signs of disc-related pain, I quit my running routine of 4 miles 3-4x/week.
Two months ago I purchased a treadmill and began an intensive walking program.
I always walk with some grade of incline and exercise 4-5x/week.
Over the last three weeks I have developed bilateral metatarsalgia, especially at the first met heads.
I have switched to Saucony shoes, which have eased the pain somewhat, but just walking around is still excrutiating.
I have a very high arch and rigid foot, so over-supination rather than over-pronation is a problem for me.
I am a physical therapist on an Acute floor and on my feet all day.
Do I need to see a podiatrist or can I try something over the counter first?
Thanks for the advice in advance.
Karen Stevens


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