Back, Hip and Foot Pain

At 18 I endured a car accident that wrapped my car around a tree and broke my C2 vertebrae. The injury was stable, and I wore a hard brace for 10 weeks. Now 5 years later, at 23, my neck is fine but I experience pain in my mid to lower back everyday. I was told by a chiropractor last year that my spine has a curve (as a student athlete, scoliosis was never diagnosed) and my pelvis is slightly uneven and possibly fused. He attributed the fusion to an undiagnosed broken pelvis caused by my accident. My question: could the curvature in my back be injury related and can chiropractic manipulation of my spine correct the curvature and/or the uneven pelvis? Thank you.

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    My whole back is aching all the time. My dr said that I have a high tolerance for pain that I should be in alot of it. He also said that I have no reflex in my legs. Why??? What does that mean.


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