back pains

I just got MRI results back and can’t really undestand what it means the results are as follows L4-5 have Disc desiccation and a broad based disc bulge also mild lateral redess narrowing is seen no central canal stenosis is identified .No significant neural foraminal narrowing is seen L5-S1 a central protrusion is idetfied No significant compression of neural structures is seen And no significant neural foraminal narrowing is identified .
I would love if this could be brken down in simpler terms and maybe a suggestion in what maybe I should do next.Excersises work ouys operation ect> thank you Jeff

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    I am not sure but, I think it means. That you have a disc like thing in between your vertebres. It sometimes will slip out and bulge. It is very painful and I think it is basiclly untreatable. But, if U lay down with your knees up the pain will go away for a short amount of time. TRY NOT TO SIT UP! This puts a lot of pressure on your back and makes it very painful and it is not good for it either. Hope I helped I am NO expert so don’t take me TO seriuosly


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