L4-5 disc

i had a MRI done a few months ago and the results state the following, “there is disc desiccation with mild to moderate loss of intervertebral disc height. A midline disc extrusion is noted which measures approx. 5 mm in AP dimension.
The peripheral annulus is torn.
The thecal sac is indented in the midline.
The central spinal canal is borderline stenotic.
Moderate fact arthropathy is present.
Mild bilateral neural foraminal canal stenosis is present.” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
Please help me understand.
The next step the Dr. told me is epidural injections.
Is this ok?

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    Dr. Brian

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    It sounds like you had quite a few findings in your MRI report. The findings indicate that your low back is breaking down. What of the more noteworthy findings is annulus tear. This usually leads to pain, and injections have been shown to help…..but only short term relief. Many times, we suggest injections, followed by Physical therapy. Another finding noted is the stenosis, which means the spinal canal (where the spinal cord travels through) is decreased in diameter. This can lead to pressure on the spinal cord, which lead to more serious matters. However, your stenosis is borderline only. You also have facet arthritis, and neural foramina canal stenosis. Both of these are forms of osteoarthitis, which is breakdown of the joints of the bone. Have you attempted chiropractic treatment? This would not be a “curative” treatment, in other words, chiropractic care could not reverse your findings. However, it would be able to increase the movement and health of the joints in your low back, which is the opposite of your low back current condition. This is a limited post, and I could spend hours talking about this. HOpe this helps! Consider finding a chiropractor that understands these components. If you list an area, I may be able to suggest a chiropractor.Dr. B


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