Ball of foot pain

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I have heard that you can have collegen injections in the ball of your foot to help replace padding in the area that has gone away. I have worn hi-heels shoes and was an advid runner for years and now I am having pain in the ball of my foot. I can’t hardly wear heels now.
Can this type of treatment help???
I saw this on a medical cable channel.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am not sure you would be satified with this procedure. It is generaly short-lived and not necessarilly covered by insurance.


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    The collagen injections are of a temporary nature, much like they would be anywhere else on the body. It would be an every 6 month event for maintanence, but it definately is a possibility. You must determine the exact cause of the ball of the foot pain and then address the cause. The collagen injection simply addresses the symptoms. If you have plantar fat atrophy, that is irreversible and like I stated before, collagen is a temporary and periodic treatment. If your matatarsals are plantarflexed and/or elongated, then the correct course of action would be metatarsal osteotomies for shortening/dorsiflexion. You should try exhausting all conservative measures before surgical, but surgery may be helpful in your situation.


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