becomeing a physical trainer

I’m in the 10th grade and my mom home schools my sister Amanda and me. I ‘ve been getting books and looking on line of what I should do to become a Chiropractor. Wich is something I would love to become because I’m able to do something with my hands besides drawing and playing the guitar and lot other stuff and I’m also able to help people who are in need. But the books and some the sites I’ve went to don’t really say much. So can you please help me of what I need to get like what kinda books and how many years I should take it and of good Colleges. Thank you very much.Always The CrazyNatalie/Wolfie

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    im 16 and I go to kalamazoo central high school. I am now looking for different careers that I am interested in. one of thoes careers would to become a phyisical trainer. I love to work out and keep in shape and I would love to help other in that area to. I would greatly appreiciate it if you could tell me some courses that I would have to take to become a physical trainer and how many years I would I have to be in college for. I would greatly appreiciate it. thanks lots Rachel!


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