Best Insole for Backpackers

HiMy wife and I are looking for something to use for backpacking.
After hiking 8 miles, our feet ache!
The heavy weight of the pack has a lot to do with it placing extra burdens on the feet. So does age I’m sure.
I’m 58 and she’s 54. This has only become a problem in the last year or so.
Both our feet are more senstive now. What do you suggest?Doug RobertsColumbus, OH

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are a large number of pre-fab insoles on the market. One must consider many factors, including age, weight, shoes, cost, activity level etc.You get what you pay for generally. I can’t tell you a specific insole since I can’t see your feet. You can go to a sporting good store and check some of these out. Some of the better brands include, SOF, Spenco, Sorbothane, Viscopeds


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