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I’am a 47 year old male that has just been diagnosed with a bicep rupture.
I would like to know what options there are for a ruptured bicep other than surgery.
I’am a general contractor that usually performs all apects of physical work. Ie: Tile, Framing, plumbing, drywal ect.
So, as you can Imagine I can not afford to go through surgey and not have use of my right arm.
So, what can you suggest as a alternative for my ruptured Bice. Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.
I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I would like to have some information about other alternatives.Regards,Lyle H.


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    Because of your age, and active work and lifestyle needs, I would probably have the surgical repair if I were you. Some people can function almost normally without surgery, provided that they go thru a good physical therapy program, so that is an option for you to discuss with your Orthopedist. Ask him to tell you all the pros and cons of surgery vs. PT, so that you can make an educated decision. You will really need him to take the time to find out all the specifics of what specific motions and activities you need to be able to do for your job, as well as what kind of other activities you want to be able to resume doing. These questions and answers will take some time, so make sure you go to an Orthopedist who is willing to take the time to sit down and go over all these questions, as well as explain the options, with you. You might also want to seek a second opinion (I would) after you talk to the first doctor…just tell him you will need a couple of days to think about what you want to do. Any good doctor will not mind a patient seeking a second opinion from another specialist for something like this. If he does seem to mind, or he rushes you, then you need to find another doctor. If you know any PTs, you might also want to get their advice before having surgery. Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do.


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      go for it I am the same ago and a cop in glasgow scotland.
      I have had the same injury and had it repaired by surgeory.If you want to I will give details of rewcovery ect.but I am still in a job!fo


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