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I was recently in a motorcycle accident, and injured my shoulder I have bursitis and tendentious and have gotten a few different medical opinions one of my doctors after consulting my MRI film reports said I was missing a bicep mussel in my shoulder, is this possible and if so how many bicep mussel do we have in our shoulders?


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    We have one bicep muscle, but two tendons that attach that muscle to the shoulder. Maybe he meant you were missing the tendon…that could be if you ruptured the bicep tendon. Do your arms look the same? When you flex can you see your bicep muscle? If you can then you do indeed have a bicep muscle. Does the muscle kind of ball up and look like a popeye arm? If it does you may have a ruptured bicep tendon. Why don’t you ask your doc to clarify what he meant, he’s the one that told you. Good luck!


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    my bicep brused bad, I think I tore it. Since it has cleard up and movement has returnedbut it’s not as strong . What can I do to get the arm back to were it was, or better.


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