Can anyone give me an idea of appropriate billing? I was really surprized by the size of my bill for treatment of a heel spur on one foot.
I had four visits: (1)xray and temporary taping, (2)made mold for orthodics, (3)cortizone shot, and (4)orthodics and “fitting”.
The total was just over $1400.
(Los Angeles) I was happy with the treatment and I don’t want to complain if I’m just not up on today’s costs. Can anyone tell me if that sound appropriate? thx

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Fees can vary from area to area and doctor to doctor. Managed care doesn’t care if the charges are excessive, since they will only pay the contracted amount. This is like asking why a house in Beverly Hills will cost so much more than a house in a small town in the mid west. I am sure your doctor will give a detailed account of the charges. You can then discuss this with them and voice your concerns.


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