broken 3rd toe

I broke the 3rd toe on my right foot.
It is not a clean break..
The fracture starts on the end bone at the knuckle and goes through the middle of the bone and the up at a 45 degree angle.
The “chunck” of bone slid up and forward and came out at the root of my nail..
They have tried to set it and the chunck of bone has slid back up and is healing in the wrong place.
My doctor said I now need to have surgery to put a screw in and to shave off some of the middle bone.
There is pain in the toe but it is tolerable..
Do you think this is needed?

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    ok I was walking out of my daughters bed room when I stubbed my toe on the chair, I heard a crack my piggy toe is all swollen and bruised I call my aubt who is a nurse and she said that there is nothing to do for a broken toe, I can walk on it it doesnt hurt much anyone no how long it could take to heal


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