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hi, I broke my left clavical 11 days ago in an ultra distance triathlon, at 200 miles I fell asleep and ended up on a concrete curb at 3.30am. I hope to be on the starting line of ultraman hawaii november I have 7 to my credit. please advise on what kind of exercises I need to do so I can begin swimming cycling and running again.. It is my life.. I went to the beach today it felt good floating and treading water but I am wearing a cervical brace and my left arm feels dead weight!! please help I am desperate.

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    May PT

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    Usually with broken clavicals they put you in a type of a harness brace. Also, we recommend to patients they do not lift over head (do not flex shoulder past 90 degrees) push, pull or lift during the healing process. If you do these types of movements or heavy lifting you will definitely delay the healing process and you will most likely have to have surgery. In the meantime you can use some putty for hand and finger exercises. You can do bicep curls with light weights. You can do pronation/supination exercises with a hammer or dumbell. I would highly recommend you ask your doctor for a prescription to see a physical therapist for the correct exercises to do.
    Healing should be about 2 months…then you have to slowly introduce activity to avoid reinjury.
    Good luck, Mya PT


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    Read your post and the PT’s advise on website posted 7-24. I to broke my left clavical in a spill on the bike just yesterday. I am three weeks out from Ironman Florida. Go to the Dr. tomorrow, he’s a triathlete also and understands need to get back on track quick. Was wandering how fast you were able to heal and get back to swimming. I am ready for the IM, think I can run in a week and can get on the trainer now to keep my conditioning. Any words of experience or advise?


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