Broken Ribs

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I fell and broke 2 ribs on 3/2/06.
Was told by ER doc it would be 4-6 weeks to heal.
My question is: When is it OK to resume working out?
I feel like I could walk on a treadmill or ride an exercise bike in a few more days but I don’t want to push it and delay my recovery.
Is there a risk that I do more damage?


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    Dave,Broken ribs do take a while to fully heal. You need to use common sense, and not do any activities which cause pain. If you follow this one simple rule, you should be fine. Good luck!


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    My 16 year old daughter fractured 5 ribs snow skiing and then within the same year was in a serious car accident and received multiple hip fractures. The ribs were once again made to feel worse, and she now suffers with chronic rib pain on her left rear side as a result of the 5 fractures not healing properly. She cannot play any contact sports, dance, play softball etc… When she bends over she can feel the ribs digging in on her right side. I cannot find a specialist that will see her. Who handles ribs?


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