Bursitis help!

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I have had bursitis in my hip for 6 months, it hurts a lot on slopes or stairs and nothing i have had done is making it better. i have been doin stretches as directed by a physiotherapist, had pulsed shortwave diathermy, had lots of rest, lots of ice and been taking ibuprofen. I’m 14 and i just want to get back to my dancing and running! On wednesday (its saturday 2 day) i accidentaly fell down two stairs and gave it a bash and now i can hardly even walk on it.And i went to casualty and they just told me yesterday to rest it! Can anyone help me? please.I cant go to school because i cant walk on it!

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    Dont use heat on your bursitis. If it is inflammed heat will only inflame it more. Use ice or ice massage and continue your anti inflammatory meds and don’t do anything that hurts.

    Please seek out help from a sports physio so that you start doing what you need to to get you back to activity faster. Also, ask your doctor (and physio) WHY you got this in the first place. That way you can fix the real problem and never have to go through this again!

    good luck,


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    Unfortunately, you really do have to rest it. Try some heat or ice and continue to stretch and REST ! Are you taking anti-inflammatories by prescription or ibuprofen or aspirin ? These can help with the inflammation but they won’t cure it altogether if you don’t rest it and stretch it gently.

    You are very young for hip bursitis so I imagine you are used to intense workouts. I’m 34 and my doc & sports doc told me this is something old folks get !! They thought I was young for hip bursitis – and I’ve got 20 years on you ?!?

    Some doctors will give cortisone shots (I had one last fall, not that it really helped). Beware of those – esp. at your age. Repeated cortisone shots can make your bones weak.

    I wish I could give you (and me!) an instant cure-all. I’m an aerobics instructor – I can tell you that not letting it rest is just going to ensure it stays around.


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