Calf injury

4 weeks ago I was playing volleyball, and I felt a pop in my calf with severe pain. I went to the doctor and he said it was a partial torn calf muscle. I have been healing well, but now I have pain in the back of my leg running up from my ankle to underneath my calf, could this be my achilles? is it possible I tore my achilles tendon and not a torn calf muscle? And if so, what is the healing time, and when can I return to volleyball? and should I use calf support when/if I do? It does not hurt to jump, but it bothers me when walking or running. I work out at a fitness center and have been excersising since the first week after the injury.

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    Was look ing around and found this at sensored Q: About 6 years ago I tore my left calf muscle. Since then it has caused problems periodically. Why am I unable to past this injury?A: After a muscle is torn, there is scarring that occurs during healing. This scarring results in the muscle becoming shorter than the muscle in the opposite leg. The affected foot is now unable to dorsiflex (top of the foot flexing toward the shin) enough for a normal gait. This causes the heel on the affected side to lift off the ground prematurely, resulting in increased load on the previously torn muscle. This increased load most often causes repeated strains and tears of the affected muscle or achilles tendon.Conservative treatment is often very effective for this condition. Stretching the calf muscles, both with the knees bent and straight will help to elongate the muscles. Try to hold any stretch for at least 90 seconds. Stretching for less than this won’t properly lengthen the muscles. It may be necessary to use heel lifts during the acute stage of the latest injury. After the injury heals and your stretching reduces the tightness in your calf, you may discontinue the heel lifts.Remember, this type of injury may often relapse, so always properly warm-up and continue stretching your calf muscles.


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