Last year I was playing volleyball and as I jumped up for a block, I felt a pulling sensation in my left archilles tendon. It hurt for a couple minutes and then the pain went away. The next morning it hurt but not severly. Later that day I scuffed my foot on the ground and felt like my foot exploded. The pain subsided within minutes, but my foot still hurt enough to go to the walk-in clinic the next day. The doctor checked it out, could find nothing wrong, gave my some ibiprofen and sent me on my way. Ever since then, my foot hurts on the opposite side of the achilles tendendon towards the front of the foot/ankle when ever I play. It usually does not occur right away, but as the game progresses, I will jump for a block or scuff my foot and the pain comes back immedietly and strong. As I play, it begins to go away, but I feel tightness in the top part of my foot as it begins up my leg for days after. I will also not be able to run on it for 4 or 5 days, sometimes longer. Any ideas?

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