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I had a chielectomy of my left great toe on 14 December 2014.
Nearly 8 weeks have passed and I still have no more movement than before the op.
I am starting physio tomorrow (for the first time).
When I saw the Consultant last week he gave the impression I was not progressing as he would have hoped and mentioned a fusion might be necessary.
Will it come to this or could I regain movement at this stage?
Any thoughts would be appreciated


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can’t answer your question specifically as I did not see your foot or x-rays before or after teh surgery. If the surgery did not give the desired result and the pain persists, then it is possible that a fusion or even a implant might be indicated. It depends on what the bone looks like. Still you are not that long after surgery, so it might be that with aggressive physical therapy and range of motion exercises, you might improve.


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    I am scheduled for a cheilectomy for May 5. I fell 1 1/2 years ago while ballroom dancing (Tango) and my dance shoe cut into the Left metatarsal-phalangeal joint. When it didn’t clear up in 6 months, it was x-rayed. It was discovered that instead of a ganglion, (original Dx), it was a break off of bone or whatever from the shaft. U/S confirmed this. Will a scar above this joint interfere with the fitting of my dance shoes in future? How long until I can dance again? What is the chance of infection? (The surgeon says she will use non-dissolving sutures to help guard against infection.)
    Will the surgery limit my range of motion in the joint?Is the cure worse than the disease? My x-rays indicated I have “quite abit ” of arthritis in my feet and toes. I don’t experience that much pain usually, unless I dance for hours on a hard floor. Is continued activity still recommended for arthritis to keep the joints ‘limbered up’? Thank you.


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