chronic tight calves

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I have had tight calves, both in the same spot, for about three and one half years and have yet to find anything that helps.
The pain is in the lower part of my calf just below the gastrocnemius muscle, where the achilles tendon attaches to the soleus or gastrocnemius muscle.
It is tight at all times of the day: walking, sleeping, watching T.V.
The only time they don’t hurt is when I am wearing boots.
I have tried everything from a good stretching program along with massaging.
I have had the compartment syndrom test done three times with negative resaults every time.
I have had a bone scan along with e-rays done with no resaults.
I also had a MRI, and MRA done to check for herniated muscles or something of the sort.
The MRI showed no sign of scare tissue or any other problems.
I used to run a lot, about 15-20 miles a week, before the injury and always felt that I stretched enough.
I no longer run and haven’t for about two years.
I have seen about six different orthopedic surgens and have nothing to show for it.
This is controling my life and I could please use some help.
Thank You

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    When you ran did you run up on the balls of your feet? This stretching program..did it involve heat prior to stretching…holding stretching for 30 seconds done 2-3 times a day? How long did you continue this program? Wearing the boots relieves the symptoms because it shortens the achilles tendon. I would try the stretching program again, but stick with it and do it’s LOTS of times a day.


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      I ran on my heals or midfoot when I ran. I stretched for about two months before slowing down. I now started again and will hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Is it possible to stretch too much?


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