Constant pain in shin

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Immediately after having my 4th child, I started having constant pain in my shin. Its on the outside (little toe side), and seems to be a muscle problem, not the bone. It’s been over two years now. Oddly enough, the pain is less severe when excercising. It gets worse when sitting. No-one seems to be able to diagnose this. I’ve been through physical therapy, a chiropracter, and also had an mri. I decided to do my own research. Most of my symptoms seem to point to something called, “anterior compartment syndrome”. Does anyone have experience with this, if so how were you treated?

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    i know the frustration from physical therapy giving only temporary relief. for me, it even made my legs feel worse. as for the mri, my doc did one simply to rule out anterior compartment syndrome. now he is simply stumped and even told me so (at least he is honest). now this medicine, mobic, seems to help, and the pain is definitely worse when the weather is cold or raining. but at least the meds work. also, ice massages work. hope this helps…good luck!


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    hi! thanks for responding.

    I should have mentioned that I had the MRI but the doctor ordered an MRI of the spine only, thinking it was a herniated disk. The Mri came up clear, so I requested an MRI from the waist down and he insisted it wasnt necessary. (I think I need a new doctor).

    Physical therapy gives only temporary relief.

    Gotta run. Two year old pulling my hand off the mouse.



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    i’ve been having the same problem for the past 10 or so months. if you had an mri, they would have been able to diagnose the anterior compartment syndrome. for me, i get lots of muscle knots in my shins(same spot you are talking about) so i have been doing ice massages and my doctor prescribed a medicine called mobic for me. between the two i have found some relief from the constant pain. i went through physical therapy also and it did nothing. i don’t know what else to tell you considering that i don’t have a diagnosis for myself. hope this helps. try the ice massages and some kind of anti-inflammitory, they should help, it did for me. good luck!


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