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Can anyone out there help me I have what the ‘doc’ terms as ‘clickie hips’, which I have got through doing karate .The right side was the first to go after doing an extreme stretch in oct’02 and try’s to dislocate when kicking out to the side ever since, the problem now is I have managed to do the same thing to the left hip last monday,but this time I was doing a complexed kick.I hope this is common and is just a case of strengthening my hips throught exercises.

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    I had trouble with my hips as a result of running almost a year ago that sounds like what you’re dealing with. My hips “clicked” when I would run or when I would go up steps or try to do leg lifts. The sports doctor that I was seeing said that I had something called Snapping Hip Syndrome, which was a result of some muscles in my hip being too tight and when I would move leg it would produce the snapping sound. Anyway, he gave me some stretches to do, which haven’t really helped much. I’d ask your doctor about Snapping Hip Syndrome, maybe physical therapy would help….

    Best of luck!



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