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hi! my name is pat conlin. I am a 4 time right hip- total hip replacement recipeient. I am 45 years youngwith too many things to do before I give up on life. I am a self employed service tech,(and inventor, I have lots of prototypes!) I have worked on a lot of different equipment over the years. I currently do preventive maintenance and repairs on industrial bandsaws in manufacturing facilities, and patient lifts in nursing homes and hospitals. because of the nature of the work I do, I have to be able to move freely, up and down and sideways at any given moment when I am working on equipment! with the first hip replacement, they stretched my leg nearly 4 inches, meaning they also stretched the muscle 4 inches. ever since that first surgery, I have experienced seveer ( knife stabbing-being pulled up and down the leg kind of pain) leg cramps in my right leg. I have have been given a variety of pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti inflamitories, and other drugs that didn’t do much more than make me dopy, I didn’t need help with that. they were supposed to help, but the only real relief I have ever known was “oxicotin”, I had my 4th hip replacement on october 4th and was dancing with my mother at their 50th wedding aniversary party on the 28th! oxy allowed me to function. now my doctors wont give me much of anything, they want me to signup for “pain managment” all I want is to be able to function and live a relativaly pain free life, i’m not looking to get high, just not hurt. I don’t need to attend classes telling me the pain i’ve had for more than 37 years is only in my head, and if I breathe properly I will feel better. screw all that! I want pain killers, something I know will help. I want oxy

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    : go to mexico the docs there will give you a script


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