Cracking Your Joints

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Hi! I’m 15 years old and I have been cracking my nuckles ever since I can remember. it is a bad habit and my mom always tells me to stop.
I also recently just started to crack my neck and back..and these are almost becoming other bad habits.
I really need to know if cracking all this leads to artheritis, or just in general,is bad. I have heard so many different things on cracking your joints and I need to know the truth! Can you PLEASE get back to me on this ASAP! before my problems get worse!Thank YouCaroline



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    Hi Caroline, I’m not a chiropractore, but I’ve been to one. From what I’ve heard cracking does NOT cause arthritis, however, if you are cracking ALL the time then it will irritate your joints which isnt so good for you. However so long as you try to not do it too much its ok and actually quite a releif if you have pressure in your spine. However, try not to start cracking an area that you don’t feel pressure in, I’ve done this in the past and now I have to crack my whole back often to feel releif


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