Defeat the Heat In My Feet

Appropriate sock color to defeat summertime heat.My question is: Given that I have an outdoor job that can sometimes be physically demanding and hot enough to be able to wear shorts, but still requires wearing black athletic shoes, wouldn’t white socks offer the most heat relief to my old tired, hot, and itchy feet?
I sometimes also have to stand on black asphalt pavement for short periods of time.Our group has had a long standing policy of white sock useage until someone has decided that black socks should be used.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Socks made with Cool Max a trademarked product helps keep your feet cooler. Under Armor also makes socks for baseball in different colors. The material is probably more important than the color when you think that the hottest part of your foot in inside your shoe, away from light.


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