dislocated leg

I dislocated my leg about a month ago and tore a bunch of ligaments that resulted in surgery. I was wondering what type of physical therapy I could do on my own to heal faster

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    I dislocated my left leg playing rugby just over a week ago went to hospital a day later had an x-ray which showed no fracture. The leg was then drained of 50ml of blood and imobalised with a fixed steel leg splint(cricket pad splint). The doctor didn’t seem to know what he was doing. I’m wearing the splint for most of the day but am taking it off for periods. I can walk on the leg but with a slight limp. The swelling has almost completely gone now aswell. I am unable to move the knee back past 90 degrees if sitting down. If I try I can feel tightness and slight pain down the outside of my thigh and knee. The tightness is to the top of mt thigh but only on the outside. Could you give me your opinion of what is damaged and what to do from there?


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