Dislocated shoulder 9 weeks ago

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I am 19 years old, 195 pounds 6 feet. I saw the orthspedist 3-4 days after the injury. he needed new x-rays, I went to the hospital and took them. the doctor saw the new x-ray’s and said just to keep it in a sling for a few weeks and there should be a big improvement and that it could be back to normal by then, he never prescribed rehab. please help.

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    Eric, I think that you will find this site helpful. If you do an Internet search on “shoulder dislocation rehabilitation”, I think you will find lots more helpful information.


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    Hi, I have dislocated both shoulders two times, I had to go though the whole process of wearing a sling for 6 weeks. you must go to rehab. or else you will have bigger problem later in life with that shoulder. My first dislocation, I did not recieve rehab. I wore the sling for 3 days and then the doctor said I can take it off. A few months later I dislocate the same shoulders again, and I have had problems ever since with it. it have been 3 years now. I am also getting surgery on it, this coming Monday to finally fix my joints. I think if I recieve rehab after my first dislocation, I don’t think I would be going though all of this. You should really recieve rehab, think about it you shoulder is in a slings for a few weeks, you need to regain the strengh in your shoulders and arm, to prevent this from happening again.My shoulders restrict me from doing alot of things, like playing soccer, and carrying heavy items. I have been through this and I know, GET REHAB


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