Dislocated shoulder 9 weeks ago.

I dislocated my right shoulder about 9 weeks ago playing football. I am a very active athlete and weight lifter. I have tried going to the gym and doing my normal exercizes(bench press, pull ups, curling) with minimal weight. but in most cases I can’t even do the exercize with any weight at all. if I throw anything in the form I would do baseball or football, my arm has a very painful sting that stays for about a minute. will I ever be able to lift weights or throw a football again in the way I did before, or am I actually still normal for a person recovering with this injury?

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    May PT

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    Eric,Please let us know the following info.: Your age; has this ever happened before, or is this a first-time dislocation; did you get evaluated by an Orthopedist, and are you going for any Physical Therapy? This info will allow us to give you better advice.


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