Disrupted Plantar Faciis…

I’ve now had 3 cortozone shots.
The most recent was the day I tore the PF.
Right now I’m taped and waiting for my MRI next week.
My doctor is working on getting me to the point so I can take the kids to Disney as planned, when on my return we shall do surgery to repair the tear.
I neglected to ask about the surgery and am now trying to find out some information.
Any information would be wonderful.
Thank you.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    This is a difficult situation, and one that many doctors have faced, I am sure. The problem with the MRI is that it will be somewhat difficult to differentiate the tear from the injection, if done recently. There is no quick fix for this that I am aware of. In fact I have a patient in a similar predicament and all I can do is put them in a cast brace and have them limit the walking while on vacation. Your doctor who you have seen should be the one to discuss surgery with you.


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