Drop Foot

A month ago I got up off the couch, and my lower back hut.
This lasted for about a week.
Soon after I noticed that my left foot wouldn’t bend upward, nor could I move my toes up. A chiropractor diagnosed it as drop foot.
He said to take my regular adjustments and I would be alright. As of yet I have not seen any real progress.
This past week I went to an orthopedic Dr. who kind of scared me.
He wants me to see a physical therapist, a neurologist and a nerosurgeon. (I have made appointments for all three).
The Dr. wouldn’t say if there was any chances of me getting the movement back.
I am an avid snowboarder and this is starting to scare me.
What type of recovery can I hope for?

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    I need to mention one more thing… I have virtually no pain…the only discomfort that I get is in my shin and calf and they seem to come from trying to move my toes.


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