Epson Salts and Rubbing Alcohol

Hi fellow-injured;
I’m 57 years old and recently hurt my leg playing badminton. I had only begun playing a few weeks prior and had hoped to quickly get up to speed against some players half my age. It didn’t work and I paid the price.
From the website I was able to analyze the injury as being a combination of hamstring/jumpers knee and calf strain. However, from previous injuries, accumulated over the years, I learned the importance of soaking the leg, or injured limb, in very very warm water with Epson salts and then rubbing it down with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and baby oil.
It’s been about two and a half weeks since the injury and I’m glad to say that jumpers knee and calf-strain seem to be coming along well, the pain is gone. I’ll keep soaking and rubbing and hopefully the hamstring should be ready for some stretching and strengthening soon.
I scanned through several of the forum messages and saw no mention of Epson Salts or Rubbing Alcohol so I thought I’d at least mention it. Hopefully the information will prove helpful to those of you either too thrifty or too wise to see a doctor.


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