Foot problem perplexing doctors!

I am a 20-year-old female runner who woke up on March 2nd with what felt to be a “no-big-deal” cramp in my right foot, but within 5 days of refraining from running or working at a fast-food restaurant (just in case), I could not walk at all.
I had both an x-ray and a bone scan done back in March, revealing a stress fracture in the medial cuneiform. In addition to this, I was also experiencing some spasicity, “pulling” and “squeezing” sensations, bizarre toe movements, grinding, grating, and snapping that neither the podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon could seem to explain.
After conservative treatment failed (casting & physical therapy) I had an MRI done in late June, which revealed stress related changes in the proximal shaft of the second metatarsal, in the navicular bone and in the talar head with a stress fracture in the navicular bone.
I ended up back in a cast for what was supposed to be 6 weeks, but the toe movements, the “pulling” and spasm became so awful during the first 3 weeks in my second cast that the orthopedic surgeon decided to take it off.
Most of the “pain” is gone now, but I am currently experiencing horrible “pulling” and “squeezing” sensations in the area of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal bones, along with bizarre toe movements of the three middle toes.
There is also grinding, grating and snapping in my foot that I feel has something to do with the tightness and “squeezing” that I am feeling. I am also very aware of pronation now (which I am almost certain I didn’t have before all of this), and I’m having trouble walking due to it. In short, my foot feels like a mangled spasming mess. I was wondering if you have ever seen anything like this before.
I am currently seeing a physiatrist who thinks it’s neurological, and I may end up going to a neurologist next.
Would you agree that this could be neurological, and not related to the stress fractures?
Could this be compartment syndrome, as my podiatrist though? I’m still out of work, and still not running. I am desperate I have been planning on a law enforcement career and being a life-long distance runner… but right now my future is looking grim. You’re thoughts on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! – Nicole


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