Groin Injury

I am having trouble with pain in my groin area. The pain is located where the leg muscle joins the public area. I also develop pain on the right side of my right leg and experience numbness in my foot. I also have some pain in my hamstring (almost like a cramp)I suspect a pinched nerve in either the L4,L5 or L6 vertabrea. I have rhuematoid arthritis. I am 60 years old and take 5mg. of Prednisone and 3,200 mg of Advil daily. I also suspect that I might have pulled it while doing the free style swimming. What is the accepted treatment for groin injury?Thanx, Herb Dewey

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    The pain your describing could also be pathology of the hip joint. Why don’t you make a trip to your doctor just to be on the safe side. Mya


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