hammer toe surgery

After reading the previous posts on hammer toe surgery, I am worried about the results.
My second toe on right foot is not painful, but limits my choice of closed toed shoes. My podiatrist talks about out-patient surgery, using a pin, shaving the bone and 6 week recovery. I have also read on other sites of an in office surgery w/o use of pin, need only 2 stitches to close and patients walk out of the office and back to work.
Sounds too good to be true.
Are there other options than surgery to get a ‘flatter’ toe? Also, what are the statistics of successful hammer toe sugeries.
I know there will be pain, but what are the other possible ‘side affects’ (numbness, etc)and how long does it generally last?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I do not have statistics for you. The surgery that is described is probably an arthrodesis or fusion. There are several ways this can be accomplished and your doctor described one, which is probably what he/she is most comfortable doing. You are right about the “too good to be true” part because your toe is numb and don’t think it won’t wake up. Common sense would tell you that after having something cut on, it should be elevated protected and allowed to heal appropriately.If you are concerned, why not get another opinion?


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