HELP! Toes numb and tingly and then bruise.

For about 1 month now on my left foot the 1st, 2, and 3rd toes, and the 1st toe on my right foot have a tingly numb feeling at all times. Three times now I have had a horribly bad pain and the one big toe on my left foot swells. The pain only subsides when pressure is applied, it then turns bright red. The swelling goes down within about 30 minutes then bruises. Bruising is blackish in color and is on the outside and pad of the left big toe. Bruising lasts about 4 days. Have been to the Doctors and they had no clue what it is.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You have not given enough information. There are a number of possibilities. If you have this problem when your feet are exposed to cold or damp air, it might be a vasospasm such as Raynaud’s. If that is true then I recommend you see a rheumatologist. Otherwise, a vascular specialist or internist might be helpful.


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