Hip/Groin pain-Success story!

A story with a positive ending! Any use to anyone?
I’ve had stabbing pains in my groin for 3.5 years making sport difficult and painful especially afterwards. I was lifting my leg to ease the pain when putting my shoes on. After a unnecessary and unsuccessful hernia operation last year I was referred to a different consultant who spotted a chipped piece of hip floating around and said it may be the cause. The hip arthroscopy I had three weeks ago has changed everything.
The chip was left as they found I had a torn cartilage in my hip. Since the repair the pain has vanished totally and I am fast on the mend. The operation was over in a morning and the pain was minimal but the results….fantastic. Wished they’d have looked there earlier but I hope someone learns from this. Good Luck.

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    Hi, thats of good interest to me,glad ur operation was successful. However, i had the same torn cartilage operation only 15weeks later i am still in a little pain. What kind of rehab did you undertake,ive been swimming and lit erunning, its taking a long time to get back to normal.ANy info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks


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