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I broke my small metartarsal ie the one leading to the little toe, it is broken in three places and out of alignment but it was put in a cast anyway at the Univeristy college London. uk.
I went back yeaterday 5 week plus after the injury and now they have given me a David Beckham type boot to wear called aircast.
I was dismayed when I saw how little the bone seemed to have mended there was just a tiny amount of deposits of calcuim. the consultant did not spend much time with me and I am worried.
He said a further month in this boot.
I can put weight on it but also have crutches.
My question is, is it normal to hurt after so long and for the fracture to be healing so slowly.
I am 52 years old.Many thanks Manya Mcclew


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    There are some factors to tissue ie. bone, healing. Age…the older you are the slower healing occurs. Health…poor health, slower healing. Do you eat right or junk? Are you overweight or fit? Do you smoke…if you do you can double the healing rate…your tissues don’t get enough oxygen to heal. Some drugs can slow down the healing process. This sight may answer some questions for you.sensored Good luck, M. Scott PT


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    This website is run by idiots.


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