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Question : I recently injured my right forearm whilelifting an object, I was sent to have a MRI performed,and it showed no tears or ruptures ?? I still am in agreat deal of pain, and I have several painful lumpformations on my forearm, and also it displayed a bruise or possible broken blood vessel? I have already had x-rays that were negative. I am now being sent to an orthopedic doctor,is this theright type of physician to see for this type of injury?

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    Hi demolition guy!Based on your statement, in my opinion you just have a muscle strain. Its natural for you to have painful and “lumpy” spots in that part of your forearm because of the muscle injury that is currently ongoing. Better put an ice pack directly to that painful area for 15 minutes during morning and before bedtime to alleviate the pain and to lessen the inflammation that is ongoing to that area. Respect pain above all. Don’t do activities that can trigger the pain or make it worse. An orthopedic doctor is a doctor that specialize in the bone structure of the body as well as the muscle structures. It is one of the good option that you can go to further consult your concern just make sure that if you will visit that doctor, you also bring all the previous MRI or X-ray plates done on that area including the lab works(if you only have) that you underwent for that specific concern. = )


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