Intercostal pain after adjustment

Two days ago I went for my chiro adjustment (have been having lower back pain when sitting).
My regular chiro was not there so her associate did my adjustment.
I was on my side and he was doing something to my hips/sacrum.
I usually don’t feel anything, but this time I had a strange feeling shoot up into my right side and in my armpit/breast area.
It felt a little tight and when I said something he said “we got a really good stretch that time”.
I left and went home. After an hour I was in so much pain that I called and asked him if this was normal.
He said he knew right what it was… the intercostal area was moved… take ibuprofen, ice and heat and it should be better in a couple of days.Bottom line… is this normal? A chiropractic mistake or accident?
It’s not any better now… two days out.
I see my regular chiro on Tuesday… is there anything else they should be doing to alleviate this agony? Thanks so much!

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear twincheryl,It sounds like you have an issue with your rib cage. An injured rib area can be very painful. Al though very painful, that type of injury usually is not serious. I suggest you ice the area and rest it as much as possible. Please fell free to visit our web site for more helpful information regarding your health. Kind regards Dr Anthony Gambale, Curve Solutions Team 877-602-7248


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